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Alison Jackson made an absolutely priceless TikTok about cycling in Canadian winter

The EF Education-TIBCO-SVB rider is all of us trying to ride in the snow

Photo by: Alison Jackson/Instagram

EF Education-TIBCO-SVB’s Alison Jackson may be starting her season in warmer climes soon, but she was in British Columbia in the off-season during some of the big snowstorms. Ever the trooper, she layered up…and layered up again…and again in her brand-new kit for a ride in the cold.

The 7 emotional stages of winter riding, part deux

We all know the feeling, staring outside at some crummy conditions, trying to convince ourselves to get outside and conquer the elements. Then, base layer, jersey, another jersey, a jacket, a shell–a neck gaiter, some big gloves and away we go. Ah, the simplicity of cycling.

And then you get outside…well, we’ll let Canada’s favourite cycling TikTokker show you the rest.