Best bikes of the annual Vancouver Police auction

From Tiger King-worthy fixies to very weird folding e-MTB's

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Every year the Vancouver Police recovered goods auction includes hundreds of stolen bikes that, sadly, never made it back to their original owners. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the auction has gone entirely online.

While it is sad seeing just how many bikes are recovered but never make it home, it’s also interesting scrolling through the pages and pages of wildly different bikes to see what’s out there. There’s some classic mountain bikes, weird electric bikes, and a fixie that would be at home on the set of Tiger King.

We collected some of the best, and weirdest bikes that are up for auction below.

If you see your long-lost ride on the very long list of bikes, it’s not too late to save it from the auction block! Contact the auction house directly to find out how to claim your ride.

Leopard print fixie

This fixie looks like what Carole Baskin would ride if she’d been in Vancouver, not cruising around an exotic cat zoo on her basket bike. The custom cat print covers the frame, wheels, seat, stem and handlebar. Whoever made this put some time in. There’s even matching white chain, chainring, pedals and embroidered white leather grips.

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Folding e-mountain bike

Usually, it’s a bad thing when you’re mountain bike folds in half. Especially in Vancouver, it brings to mind the taco’d wheels and bent frames of the 90s North Shore riding. The people at Eurobike pushed all of that to the side, and decided to make a mountain bike that folds in half on purpose. It doesn’t look tough enough to ride on any proper trails, but there were several of these up for auction, so some people must think its a good idea.

Stretch bike

From the drop-cahinstays to the mesmerizing multi-spoked wheels and homemade frame, this stretch bike is weird all around. And I kind of want it.

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