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Chaney Jones wears Cannondale kit on date with Ye

A retro black-and-white jersey puts lycra back in the spotlight

Chaney Jones is Ye’s latest post-Kim Kardashian romantic interest. While Ye’s dating news isn’t normally relevant to cycling, on the pair’s courtside Lakers date, Jones wore … (checks notes) … a retro black and white Cannondale lycra jersey.

Jones, a 24-year-old model, was seen at two basketball game dates in two different cities with Ye, 44-year-old the artist formerly known as Kanye West. On Friday in L.A., Chaney wore what looks like a retro-Cannondale lycra jersey, unzipped to create a neckline (at the cost of aerodynamics, though she could easily have zipped up if they decided to bike home).

A dark pair of rimless glasses, looking not unlike Oakley’s recently-launched Kato model, completed the look, along with black leather pants and boots.

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Ye wore his usual all-black outfit. That’s a hoodie, Balenciaga rain boots and, as he entered the arena, a black mask.

The romantically-linked pair then headed to Florida to take in a  Miami Heat game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. But neither Cheney or Ye wore any retro cycling kit, so we don’t really care.

Cycling kit back in fashion?

Could the celeb date push Cannondale into a fashion moment? It wouldn’t be unprecidented. Cycling-style lycra shorts are occasionally in fashion. Ice T’s even made cycling jerseys famous before, back in the 80s.

The most famous cycling-fashion cross (no offense to Mario Cipollini) over remains the Brooklyn cycling cap made famous by Spike Lee’s Mars Blackmon character in the 1986 comedy She’s Gotta Have It. That movie briefly inspired a cycling gear trend in fashion. Maybe Jones and Ye can do the same for Cannondale?