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Does Barstool Sports hate cyclists?

Popular account posted a video of Che Durena and his views about riders

A clip on Bartstool sports about how cyclists need to go

Instagram is often a hot bed for hot takes, and on Sunday, Bartstool Sports went super spicy about cyclists. The website and digital media company is based out of New York, and is one of most popular places to go for sports and pop culture. The company, helmed by Dave Portnoy, who is famous for his pizza reviews (one bite, if you know the rules) was founded in 2003.

The clip starts with the question, “if you could wipe one group off the earth, who would it be?” to which Che Durena, a popular comedian on TikTok, has a quick answer.


Durena, who has over 7 million followers on TikTok and 435 thousand followers on Instagram, went on to say why he hates cyclists. It’s not just people who ride a bike, he goes on to say, rather those who wear tights and a jersey. Using a bike to get from A to B is fine with him, but not those who wear cycling kit and get out there and train.

“I hate these fuckers, got like the fucking tights, and the shirt. And there’s like a logo on it. I’m like what?” Durena, clad in a Dildo Brewing shirt said. “You got sponsors?” By the way, shout out to Dildo Brewing, a craft beer company based out of Dildo, Newfoundland.

The response to the post was mixed.

Jaybombdfs seemed to be onboard with the clip, saying “he is a 1000% on spot with this one!”

“Guess ppl can’t have hobbies anymore,” Andrew Amador said.

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Of course, the delicious paradox with the post is that, as the expression goes, “cycling is the new golf.” There’s been a huge uptick of people riding, and, yes, in a pair of said tights and jersey. Basketball players like Lebron James (who is one of Portnoy’s least favourite people in the world, by the way), Reggie Miller, or Super Bowl champ Luke Wilson are all converts to bike racing. Even former Toronto Blue Jay Carlos Delgado can’t get enough of riding his bike in Lycra.

To be fair, Barstool Sports does have a section about cycling, with articles such as “It Keeps Happening! Another Dummy Cyclist Started Celebrating Before The Finish Line, Blows A First Place Finish” or “Bull Doesn’t Give a Shit about Cyclist Right Of Way.”

You can check out the full clip with Durena below.