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Here’s what it’s like to try and ride in Ontario or Quebec today

Massive snowstorm hit the two provinces today

Photo by: Chris Drew @chrisjamesdrew

Canadian Cycling Magazine is a big advocate of winter cycling, so much so that if you scour the site you’ll find all kinds of tips and tricks for riding all year long.

Using treaded or studded tires, giving yourself more time, and wearing enough clothes are just some of the many nuggets of wisdom to ride in the dead of winter.

The 7 emotional stages of winter riding

That being said, following a huge (and still ongoing) snowstorm in most cities in Ontario and Quebec, today may be the day not to go for an outdoor spin.

For some, where the bike paths were cleared, it was doable in Hamilton, Ontario.

Some braved the snow in the early hours.

But as the day progressed, the roads got worse and worse in downtown Toronto.

Even the streetcars got stuck.

Most of the bike paths were not cleared.

It’s hard to say if Montreal is worse or better.

Cyclists stuck at home still did notice that the plows are having a hard enough time clearing most roads, let alone bike paths.

Some cyclists swapped their bikes for skis.

Although the temperatures in both provinces aren’t so cold, and a ride might actually be somewhat enjoyable, you’d probably want to use a mountain bike today. Because as you can see, it’s definitely not the best conditions for a fun little ride. But to those who do weather the storm, as it were, Godspeed.