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Kaitlin Armstrong considered “armed and dangerous” by U.S. authorities

The suspect in the Moriah Wilson killing remains at large

Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla has said that they consider Kaitlin Armstrong, the yoga teacher wanted in connection with the killing of gravel racer Moriah Wilson, to be “armed and dangerous.”

Colin Strickland, professional gravel racer, is apparently in hiding for fear that he may be in danger from Armstrong. Strickland and Armstrong were dating when Wilson was killed on May 11. The authorities believe that Armstrong may been involved with Wilson’s death, perhaps in a jealous rage. Strickland and Wilson had a brief romantic relationship when he and Armstrong were “on a break” but after learning that the former Unbound winner was swimming with Wilson, Armstrong headed to her house and allegedly shot her.

Austin cycling community holds memorial ride for Moriah Wilson

In a report from Daily Mail his friend, “David,” 42, from Lockhart, Texas, said that Strickland is worried for his safety.

“None of us can sleep. He’s staying out of sight until she’s caught. I do know where he is but I’m not mentioning where for his safety,” David said. “’He’s not in Texas, he’s got completely out of Dodge.’

Meanwhile, the US Marshals continue to try and find Armstrong. It’s been three weeks since she’s been on the lam, and the last time they knew her whereabouts was May 14, when she was seen on camera at the Laguardia airport. From there, no one knows where she may have gone.

Filla said that the authorities continue to look for her, and it’s inevitable she will be caught. “Come forward,” Filla said. “Surrender to authorities. It’s just a matter of time. We’re working day in and day out. We’d like to safely bring you into custody so you can have your day in court and tell your side of the story.”

Wilson’s family has set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe. The funds raised will go to local organizations that support young people involved in sports in the area. The Wilson family described the late cyclist as “a talented, kind, and caring young woman” and died before she could achieve everything she dreamed of.

As of Monday, $114,602 has been raised.