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Kaitlin Armstrong faces additional charge after escape attempt

Murder suspect attempted to flee after visit to medical centre

Kaitlin Armstrong attempts to flee custody in advance of murder trial

Murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong is now facing another serious felony charge stemming from her recent escape attempt from Travis County Corrections Officers on Wednesday.

Another charge

In addition to the three existing charges, which include first-degree murder, Armstrong now stands accused of escape causing bodily injury. She finds herself once again incarcerated, with her bond set at $3.5 million. Armstrong is accused of murdering professional cyclist Moriah Wilson.

Wilson was killed on May 11, and Armstrong subsequently fled the country to Costa Rica. 43 days passed before the U.S. Marshals successfully located her, following an extensive manhunt. Reports indicate that during her time as a fugitive, Armstrong underwent cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance and possessed two passports, one of which was believed to belong to her sister.

Kaitlin Armstrong practised shooting with her sister, had $450 K in bank from Colin Strickland

On the day of the murder, Armstrong, a yoga instructor, allegedly became consumed by jealousy upon discovering that Wilson was in the company of her then-boyfriend, Colin Strickland. She stands accused of entering Wilson’s apartment and purportedly committing the fatal shooting. Armstrong has expressed her desire for an expedited trial and pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

Questions remain about attempt to flee

This unexpected incident turned what was initially a routine doctor’s appointment into a sensational news story.
The escape, lasting just 10 minutes, has continued to raise numerous questions in its wake, such as why she wasn’t in restraints, and how she could have eluded authorities so easily. Cellphone footage showed Armstrong’s brief escape from a medical office building located across the street from an elementary school in a South Austin neighborhood.

US Marshals: Kaitlin Armstrong used several aliases to move around Costa Rica

“After the appointment, as two corrections officers were escorting her out of the building, they were in the porch area, about to step onto the parking lot to put her back in the vehicle, she ran from them,” Travis County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Kristen Dark said. When asked why Armstrong wasn’t in shackles, Dark didn’t have much of an answer.“I’m not able for security purposes to ever disclose the security measures we use with people in our custody.”

In an interview with CBS Austin, Jeff Ormsby, the executive director for the Texas Correctional Employees Council, said transporting criminals is no easy task.“It’s because you’re taking an inmate, sometimes a high security inmate out into the public, ” he said. “And if they’re going to try to escape, that is the prime time for them to try to escape.”

Armstrong is set to stand trial on October 30.