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Kaitlin Armstrong may have fled to Canada and might be using an alias

New information about how the fugitive wanted in killing of cyclist Moriah Wilson has eluded authorities

Photo by: US Marshals


Fox News is  reporting that she was spotted at a campground days after the murder. According to the news outlet, Kaitlin Armstrong, “may have visited a remote campground in upstate New York.”

A man told Fox News Digital Wednesday morning that Armstrong’s sister, Christine, had been staying there for some time and that he had seen Kaitlin there as well. “She was [here] a while back,” he said. “Right before the whole thing blew up.”

Kailtin Armstrong has still neither been located, nor surrendered herself to the authorities following the warrant for her arrest in connection with the killing of Moriah Wilson.

The 34-year-old yoga teacher is accused of shooting Wilson in Austin on May 11. According to NewsNation, former FBI Special Agent Tracy Walder believes Armstrong could be eluding authorities by hiding out under a different name.

Private investigators told NewsNation that according to some anonymous tips, Kaitlin Armstrong may be using her sister’s name to avoid being caught. In an interview with NewsNation’s Marni Hughes, private investigator Jason Jensen said he believes that it’s possible she’s using the name “Christine Armstrong.”

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“Three days after Kaitlin was seen in the New York area, an address popped up in New York state, in Livingston Manor, where it was in Christine’s name,” Jensen said. He also posited that as Armstrong is from Michigan state, she could have crossed the border into Canada.

The US Marshals have recently escalated their search for the fugitive, upgrading the investigation to “major case status,” which means they can spend even more resources and staff in finding the suspect. They are also offering a $5,000 as a reward for any information that will lead to her arrest. At the time, Armstrong was dating Colin Strickland, a pro gravel racer.

Some experts have already suggested she may no longer be stateside. After authorities said that she booked a flight out of New Jersey in May 18, some suggested  she may have purposely gone to New Jersey and bought a ticket to throw them off her trail.

Inside Edition, recently  reported that her booking a flight may have been a clever ruse. “We’ve still been unable to locate a flight that was under the name of Kaitlin Armstrong,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla said. “Looking at video surveillance, trying to narrow down Kaitlin Armstrong amongst thousands of visitors that come in and out of that airport on a daily basis.”