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Kaitlin Armstrong’s medical records subpoenaed by prosecutors

The trial of the suspect in the Mo Wilson murder begins this fall

Kaitlin Armstrong in jail

Texas authorities are now checking into the medical records of murder suspect and former fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong. Armstrong is accused of shooting Moriah Wilson, who died May 11.

Earlier this month, prosecutors filed for a subpoena to get Armstrong’s medical records from the St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston. She was taken there a few days after her arrest in Costa Rica. Armstrong had been on the run since May 18, where she was last seen in New Jersey. For 43 days she evaded the feds.

US Marhsals launched a massive investigation for Armstrong. Along the way they discovered she had hastily sold her jeep for some fast cash.

When she was captured, Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla, said she had a bandage on her nose. She claimed to have had a surfing accident. Although there was a receipt for cosmetic surgery found in her locker at the hostel she’d been staying—along with two passports, Filla did not confirm allegations she may have undergone plastic surgery.

US Marshals: Kaitlin Armstrong used several aliases to move around Costa Rica

The documents requested by the prosecutors include emergency room records, blood tests, EMS reports, CT scans and blood alcohol content, according to the Austin Chronicle.

Armstrong’s attorney Rick Cofer, spoke with reporters on Jul 20, saying there there are other sides to the story that have not been made public yet.

“Miss Armstrong wants her day in court,” Cofer said. “She wants a trial, and you heard the district attorney threaten sanctions over her desire for a trial. As a matter of course, cases should not be indicted if prosecutors are not prepared to proceed.”