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Marianne Vos crashed hard at the CX World Cup

What started well, ended badly for the Dutch rider in Arkansas

Even the best cyclists in the world have bad days. In Wednesday’s UCI World Cup in Fayetteville, Ark.,  Former multiple world champion Marianne Vos, a rider whose palmarès could fill an encyclopedia, showed us that she is human.

Early on, it seemed that the Dutchwoman would sail to another victory after she and Lucinda Brand took the early lead. The duo put time into their chasers, including Canada’s Maghalie Rochette, as the weather continued to worsen. By the midpoint of the race, the course was a mud fest, with most of the descents becoming slippery messes.

It’s not often you see Vos crash, but in the final portions of the race she had some bad luck in the mud. Once she got back on her bike she tried to power back to Brand, but it was too big of a gap. Vos would ultimately fade and finish far behind her usual spot on the podium.

The UCI Cyclocross World Cup continues its American trip this Sunday in Iowa.