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NYPD tackle cyclist who almost rode into Obama’s motorcade

Headed for a blind-date, the cyclist failed to realize the danger ahead


A man riding on Park Avenue in New York City was tackled and cuffed by police officers when he inadvertently breached a road block set up for Barrack Obama’s motorcade. President Obama was in NYC for an appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and for a fundraiser. The cyclists appears to have completely failed to realize he wasn’t supposed to be on the road and is taken by surprise when he is tackled by a police officer.

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Daniel Provencio was riding a CitiBike heading for a blind-date, pumping Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe” in his headphones when he failed to notice he was riding straight towards President Obama’s motorcade reports TMZ. The unsuspecting cyclist, cruising on one of the Big Apple’s shared bikes, was headed south along Park Avenue at around 6pm moments before the motorcade was scheduled to go by. Just as he is about to enter the intersection of 50th Avenue, he is brought down by police officers.

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After beeing knocked off his bike by one NYPD officer, Provencio gets forcibly restrained and an officer runs from across the street to tackle and handcuff him. As this is all taking place, the president’s motorcade rolls by.


Despite seemingly being unaware of his infraction the NYPD gave Provencio a disorderly summons. An NYPD spokesperson said, “At 18.20 hours a 59-year-old man on a CitiBike attempted to circumvent the motorcade at 50th Street and Park. He was dropped by officers and given a disorderly conduct summons.”