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This pro cyclist crashed into his wife on the finish line as she was taking photos of him

Luis Carlos Chia didn’t even get to do a victory salute

Photo by: Win Sports TV @WinSportsTV

Winning a race is a great feeling, but not when you hit your spouse in doing so. That’s what happened to Luis Carlos Chia as he won the third stage of the Vuelta a Colombia on Sunday.

A super-fast finish was marred as he hit his wife, Claudia, who was taking photographs of the finale. Claudia was unconscious immediately after but is said to be be doing better now.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Often times it is difficult to judge the speed of a cyclist–especially in a fast sprint, but Chia was surprised she didn’t get out of the way in time.

“I don’t understand why she didn’t get out of the way,” he said after. Presumably he was also concerned for her health after the accident, but he was surprised that she was placed where she was and that she should’ve been ready for the photo finish.

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The race was live on Colombian television, and showed his wife Roncancio lying apparently unconscious on the road behind the finish line. She was rushed to hospital, and her injured husband was helped off of his bicycle and limped away. Ronancio is a a former cyclist, turned photographer. She often travels with her husband to take photos at his races.

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Local news reports said she  went to the hospital and needed stiches to her head, but is recovering. Although the young couple has not spoken to the media since the collision, he did say that he had problems stopping. “I wanted to brake but the bike didn’t respond,” Chia said right after. ”I hit my wife but it could have just as easily have been another person.”

You can watch the scary finish below: