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Tom Dumoulin just ran a pretty fast 10 K

What’s with all these cyclists doing running races

Photo by: frqazhahßn @FariqBAzaha

Is running the new cycling? Because there’s a bunch of cyclists who seem to dig ditching their cleats for kicks. Last week, for example, Adam Yates ran a decent sub-three hour marathon.

On the same day, Australian pro Freddy Ovett ran the Los Angeles Marahon.

And then there is Canada’s own Christian Meier, former pro and Tour de France rider, who has decided that he really, really likes running. Whether it’s trail running or ultrarunning, the Girona resident seems to quite enjoy galloping around Spain.

The latest pro to get in on running is former world champion Tom Dumoulin who ran a fairly quick 10 K race on Sunday.

Of course, we all know that Michael Woods of Israel Start-Up Nation quit running for cycling (although he still runs here and there) so at least someone is doing something right. To be fair, most of these cyclists are running in their off-season, so they should be getting back on the pedal bikes soon, we hope.

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