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Watch: Cyclist can barely ride into block headwind

Rider versus the wind in an age old battle

We all know that feeling, heading into a wind so strong it feels like you can barely turn the pedals. Well, one cyclist in the Netherlands got caught on camera having that frustrating experience.

Northern Europe was hammered by a big storm late last week and with it came extremely high winds gusting up to 140 kph in some parts of the Netherlands. The cyclist was riding on a separated bike path and when he comes into frame things start to get tough.

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A strong gust forces him to stop putting a foot down. Instead of starting up with the wind directly at his face he rolls back along the path before turning back into the wind after a brief break from the unrelenting wind and takes another shot at making some progress. Unfortunately, the path was exposed and the high gusts of wind were coming right in his face with leaves blowing by at high speed.

The rider gets some momentum and head down drivers into the wind but progress remains slow and a bit effort is required. To add insult to injury, another cyclist heading with the wind at his back goes sailing by, barely needing to pedal.

The Netherlands is of course well kn0wn for having high winds and many of the countries top cyclists excel in windy conditions when races can be blown apart even when the road is pancake flat. Every year, the country also is home to the Dutch headwind world championships. It a club even scheduled on a moments notice. Riders tackle an 8.5 km exposed course on the Oosterscheldekering storm barrier on the North Sea. The pictures from past editions show just how difficult the event can be.