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Zwift announces changes to supported operating systems

Updates affect Companion App

Mathieu van der Poel on Zwift

Zwift issued an announcement on Thursday regarding forthcoming changes affecting the Zwift Companion app on older operating systems.

Starting January 31, users with iOS 13 & 14 will no longer receive updates for the Zwift Companion App.

Those utilizing these outdated operating systems will receive in-app messages if they are impacted.

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The Zwift Companion app will cease to operate on deprecated operating systems.

Users with existing devices on older operating systems have the option to upgrade their OS without the need for device replacement. According to the company, this upgrade ensures an optimal Zwift Companion experience.

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For devices unable to undergo OS upgrades, Zwift offers support for a range of devices and operating systems. It is likely that another device you own can run Zwift Companion. Further details on supported devices can be found here.