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I was super skeptical about Zwift’s HoloReplay…until I tried it

The new feature is so simple but makes for an amazing training tool

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If you’ve ever played Super Mario Kart, you’ll know how Zwift’s new HoloReplay works. In the classic game, there’s a “ghost” car that shows up to show you your previous pace. You’re essentially racing against yourself. You get a visual representation of how much faster or slower you’re going on the course. “Mama mia, let’s-a go! I need to speed-a up, it’s-a me, Mario!”

The way the new feature works is pretty straightforward. When you are riding on a section where you have a personal best, a “ghost” version of you will appear. It represents your fastest pace within the past three months days or your most recent segment completion.

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You can see the pace you went to get your personal best or recent segment time.

Of course, you can already see the timer when you are trying to break your personal best or recent segment time. Which is why I initially thought the HoloReplay feature was…unnecessary. But then I tried it. And I have to say, it’s pretty great.

It’s not just that math is hard or anything, as you already see the estimated time for the PB or segment in the timer above you. But having your clone right there is great motivation to kick the snot out of yourself. You can even curse at ghost you and tell them how they suck.

It’s a really helpful tool to be able to have that visual representation of your fastest time. Such a simple concept, but I’m telling you, it’s pretty cool. Give it a go!