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New map added to Zwift

Neokyo is colorful and fast

Just in time for winter riding, there’s some new courses to ride on Zwift. The roads are finally open to the electrified metropolis of Neokyo. With the addition of 8 new routes, Neokyo will double the size of the current Makuri Island map.

Taking inspiration from Japan’s major cities, Neokyo has electrified the night. Vibrant colours, popping neon lights and glistening fast roads ensure this nighttime city is anything but dark.

Neokyo is the perfect contrast to the tranquillity of Yumezi and introduces the fast-paced nature of city living to Makuri Islands. Fast flat roads, towering buildings, eye-popping neon billboards, night-time revellers and arcade halls make Neokyo a perfect place to test your legs and ride fast.

This is a large release, so Zwifters are advised to allow time to update before joining events. From the launch, there will be eight thrilling new routes to ride. Check them out on Zwift.