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Yoga for cyclists: Top 5 poses

Use these poses before or after a ride to loosen up and stretch sore muscles

Cyclists spend a lot of time in the saddle but stretching your muscles and relaxing off the bike can also be extremely beneficial. Yoga for cyclists can be varied in purpose and poses but making it a habit can help on and off the bike.

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Whether you choose to practice yoga before a ride or after, it can be an important part of your routine to not only help loosen up your sore or tired muscles but relax. If your back, legs or shoulders are sore these five poses will help target these areas so you are ready the next time you hop in the saddle. This can help with performance and recovery. In the long run, it can lead to more comfort in the saddle and help you deliver more power through the pedals.

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Using these five simple poses chosen by Colin Matthews, founder and creative director of Kula Yoga Studio, you can get better in touch with your body and give tight or sore spots the attention they need. Incorporate these sequences into your daily routine, they only take a couple of minutes so can be done during a busy day, after a long ride or following a high-intensity workout when you need to unwind.