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Why you should scrap training goals in 2021

Ditch New Year’s resolutions, too. But discover Molly Hurford’s approach to improving on and off the bike in the year ahead

Molly Hurford Photo by: Jody Wilson

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Did you have a goal in 2020 that fell apart? Maybe an event you wanted to do well at? Maybe it was a riding-related goal that went out the window when you had to self-isolate or start managing your kid’s online classes.

While there are reasons to have a bit of optimism for 2021, planning for the year ahead is still tricky. If you set a goal race, will it actually run, for example? Given the high probability that you’ll face some more curveballs next year, how do you plan to get better and fitter on the bike?

Molly Hurford is a contributor to the magazine and the podcast. She has a great story in the current issue, and now online, about why you should ditch traditional training goals or resolutions for 2021. She proposes setting intentions for what she calls #theseUncertainTimes.

Molly and her partner Peter Glassford host the Consummate Athlete podcast and have a new book called Becoming a Consummate Athlete. Some of the discussion in this episode picks up on ideas from that book. Some other things that came up are cross country rider Haley Smith’s 2018 bronze medal ride at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, bathtub crayons, Marie Kondo and cycling gear, and the book Forever Fit by pop legend Cher. But most important, there’s lots of great training advice for the year ahead.

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