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A bus used the bike lane to pass traffic and the Internet is not impressed

The incident took place in the morning rush in Dublin

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. On Wednesday in Dublin, a bus took to the bike lane to get ahead of traffic that was at a standstill. Although there are often lanes dedicated for transit on many roads, this is clearly a bike lane, meant for, well, you know. Bikes.

Kevin Gorman witnessed the incident when he was waiting in traffic. ‘So there I was, sitting in traffic that was stopped between Rathfarnham and Terenure when a Dublin Bus went past me on the inside, in the pavement and bicycle Lane. 11 a.m today,” he tweeted.

The reactions from most people were a mix of shock and anger. “Indefensible Sacked in the morning,” Gavin Courtney added.

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Not everyone agreed they should be fired. “Ah yes, the twitter answer, sack them. Straight to the nuclear option, peak twitter answer,” Ruairi Quinn tweeted.

The British Automobile Association actually loves bike lanes

“If you lived in one of those houses and had a child that could pop out the driveway any second, or you with a buggy would you think differently? Any driver who would do something as daft as this should not be driving a 12 tonne bus around,” Cathal Gillen countered.

Watch the unbelievable incident below.