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Cyclist identified using Strava in burning of ‘Trump won’ sign

Rider caught on video while vandalizing in North Carolina

Trump won sign Photo by: johnmkane1776

Strava has been used to locate a cyclist who intentionally set fire to a sign outside a resident’s home claiming that Donald Trump was the real winner in the 2020 US presidential election.

After identifying the rider he suspects of igniting a sign on his property, a Raleigh entrepreneur has initiated a civil lawsuit. A video captured by a Nest home surveillance system and shared on Twitter depicts someone leaning over the sign at approximately 4:30 a.m. on August 15. The sign has the message, “Trump won,” and the man in the video is seen using a lighter.

Cyclist visited house three times

John Kane Jr. is a Republican and the son of a well-known developer in the area and was a candidate to be charmaine of the the North Carolina chapter of the Republican party. Kane shared a video, along with an earlier clip, showing the cyclist stopping in front of the sign on August 12th and giving it a kick.

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A few nights later, the surveillance camera installed by Kane captured the same individual on a bicycle, setting fire to the sign. This person is also seen repositioning an American flag that was close to it.

GPS data lines up

According to This Week In The Triangle, James White Jr., a registered Democrat, logged three cycling sessions onto his Strava profile. These rides occurred on August 12, August 15, and August 18–coinciding with the same dates when the vandalizing of the Trump sign was captured on video. The GPS data attached to White’s uploaded rides revealed that he had traversed the vicinity where the arson incidents took place.

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Kane posted that he figured out who the arsonist was (as well as repeating that he thought Trump won) on Twitter. “A gentleman from Lodi, California who does not want his name made public first identified the arsonist, Jim White, emailing at 1:52am with Jim’s Strava profile and GPS, timestamped maps of Jim’s rides that correspond with the timestamps on the videos,” he posted.

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White has since made his Strava profile private.