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Kangaroo decks cyclist on Australia Day ride

Rider sent to the pavement by kangaroo bee-lining across the road

It’s worth keeping your eyes open while riding through rural Australia because you never know what interesting wildlife you might spot. Koalas hang out in trees overhanging roads and relentless magpies pester riders passing through their territory. Of course, there are also kangaroos. The bouncy and fluffy marsupial are found throughout Australia.

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A rider in the Boonah region of the state of Queensland didn’t even get a chance to spot the kangaroo beelining across the road and right for her on a ride on Australia Day. In a video shared on Youtube, a rider named by the poster as Rebecca got body slammed by a kangaroo hopping at high speed across the road.

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On impact, the kangaroo went flying into the air and the cyclist hit the pavement hard. The kangaroo almost landed cleaning on its feet. The riders following were able to slow up.

The force of the kangaroo sent the rider to the pavement. Unfortunately, the crash left her with injuries. Rebecca suffered a subluxation of the Acromio-Clavicular join on her right shoulder where the kangaroo hit her and a laceration on her left knee where she fell to the pavement.