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Prosecutors allege Kaitlin Armstrong used Strava to track Moriah Wilson

Day 1 of murder trial saw dramatic and emotional witness testimony

Kaitlin Armstrong in court

Kaitlin Armstrong, who is facing charges in the murder of professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson, is alleged to have tracked Wilson’s Strava activity and intercepted her car near the Austin apartment where Wilson was residing.

During prosecutor Rickey Jones’s opening statements on Wednesday, he stated, “The final moments of Mo’s life were marked by sheer terror, and you will hear her screams.” Prosecutors claim that Armstrong shot Wilson three times, including a fatal shot to her heart.

First-degree murder charge

Armstrong has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge. Additionally, Armstrong faces a federal charge for unlawfully fleeing to evade prosecution. Following Wilson’s death, she promptly fled to Costa Rica and remained at large for more than 40 days. Eventually, she was apprehended in Costa Rica and extradited to the United States in July 2022 to answer for these charges.

But of course there’s a video of Kaitlin Armstrong fleeing

In the weeks leading up to the trial, Armstrong made an escape attempt while in custody during a medical appointment, leading to an extra felony charge for escape causing bodily injury.

Over a year since murder of Moriah Wilson

More than a year has passed since the murder. Wilson was killed on May 11, following which Armstrong promptly departed for Costa Rica. On May 17, 2022, a homicide warrant was issued for Armstrong. This warrant was founded on video surveillance footage depicting a Jeep similar to hers in the vicinity where Wilson’s body was found. Prior to her departure from the country, Armstrong sold that Jeep at a reduced price.

A very different-looking Kaitlin Armstrong makes court appearance

If found guilty, Armstrong could potentially face a prison sentence of up to 99 years. Prosecutors have chosen not to pursue the death penalty in this case.

Tracking Colin Strickland’s messages

Prosecutors allege that Armstrong had the ability to access Strickland’s messages through a laptop in their shared residence. It is believed that she could have ascertained Wilson’s whereabouts by analyzing data from Wilson’s bike ride earlier that day, which had been posted on Strava.

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Later in the evening, security cameras positioned near the apartment where Wilson was residing captured the sound of her screams.

“Those screams were followed by ‘Pop! Pop!’” Jones said. “Two gunshots.”

Bullet casings match Kaitlin Armstrong’s gun

According to Jones, the casings from those gunshots have been identified as a match for Armstrong’s 9 mm Sig Sauer handgun. Prosecutors also pointed out that Armstrong’s vehicle corresponds to the black SUV captured on security footage near the apartment where Wilson was staying that night. Furthermore, Armstrong was reportedly unable to provide a credible explanation for why her vehicle was in the vicinity, as detailed in a police affidavit.

Brother and friend take the stand

Following the opening statements on Wednesday, the prosecution summoned its initial pair of witnesses: Wilson’s brother, Matthew, and Caitlin Cash, the friend with whom Wilson was residing at the time of her tragic demise. Cash exhibited visible emotional distress while on the witness stand, particularly when recounting the discovery of Wilson’s lifeless body. Tears streamed down her face as prosecutors played the 911 call she made on that tragic day.

If found guilty, Armstrong could potentially face a prison sentence of up to 99 years. Prosecutors have chosen not to pursue the death penalty in this case.