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But of course there’s a video of Kaitlin Armstrong fleeing

Yoga instructor accused of murder of Moriah Wilson tried to make a run for it

Kaitlin Armstrong fleeing Photo by: @ChasingPaper89 Twitter

Kaitlin Armstrong made a desperate attempt to flee from the custody of corrections officers on Wednesday morning, and  cellphone footage has now popped up of the event. Armstrong is facing charges in connection with the murder of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson.

Armstrong managed to elude officers as she left a medical office building, as reported by a representative from the sheriff’s office. After a ten-minute pursuit, law enforcement successfully apprehended her and returned her to custody. The police spokesperson emphasized that officers never lost sight of her during the pursuit. The police spokesperson said she tried to run away in the parking lot of the facility. Apparently she made it about a block and a half before the corrections officers caught her.

Upcoming court date

Armstrong is facing a first-degree murder charge, with her trial scheduled for October 30. Wilson was killed in Austin on May 11, after which Armstrong swiftly departed the country for Costa Rica. During her time as a fugitive, she managed to elude authorities for 43 days, even resorting to cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance. Additionally, she was found in possession of two passports, one of which was suspected to belong to her sister.

Facing multiple charges

On the fateful day of the murder, the yoga instructor purportedly succumbed to jealousy upon discovering that Wilson was with her then-boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

Colin Strickland regrets buying Kaitlin Armstrong a gun

She stands accused of visiting Wilson’s apartment and allegedly committing the fatal shooting. Armstrong has sought an expedited trial and pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

Transfer was for unknown treatment

The police spokesperson refrained from revealing whether any additional security protocols had been introduced during Wednesday’s transportation.

As per the police spokesperson, it is customary for their agency to transfer inmates to a medical facility or hospital when specialized medical treatment, not accessible at their clinic, is deemed necessary. It is not yet known if her attempt to flee will result in further charges.

You can watch a clip of the suspect trying to make a run for it below.