The social activity tracker Strava wants to remind you how many hours you spend on the bike in 2017. A personalized video is available to all users of the social network site and will run through your most important stats from 2017.

If you were wondering how many hours or day you were active, what the total distance you rode or how much elevation you ascended it will show you. It will also run through an PRs or KOMs you may have accumulated throughout the year.

It will also show you who you rode with the most, who gave you the most kudos and the average distance of your activities. It won’t just count you bike rides, it will also take into account you other activities be them runs, swims or cross-country skiing.

The little one minute video features some photos (if you’ve posted any) from your activities this year, it will show you your most kudoed and longest rides, and just remind you want you year has been like.

Over the past year, thousands of athletes from 195 countries have uploaded activities onto Strava. Earlier this year, a new heat map was released accumulating millions of points of data, a new post feature was launched and Strava released its data from the most liked activity of the year.

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Interesting stats from the year also include that every second 16 activities are uploaded onto Strava, a total of 8.4 billion km were uploaded and 2.3 billion kudos were given.

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Whether you are proud of how much you rode in 2017 or disapointed, make 2018 ever better by setting your New Year’s resolutions with the intent of having more fun and being stronger next season.

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