Shouldering the bike is not as common as dismounting, mounting or cornering, but is still a great skill to have. You should shoulder the bike when the ground becomes inefficient for pushing the bike or when you have to carry for a long time (for example, up a stair run-up). Your bike can’t have bottle cages if you are going to throw it on your shoulder. The easiest way to shoulder starts with a dismount and an underhand top-tube grab. Then, lift the bike up onto your shoulder. Wrap your right arm around the front of the bike’s head tube and grab the left handlebar drop with the bars turned to the left. Your left arm is free to counterbalance you as you run. Your right arm can leverage or support the bike balanced on your shoulder. When it’s time to mount the bike, reverse the process: pass the left hood to your left hand, grab the top tube with your right hand and slide the bike very gently back onto the ground. You’re now ready to perform your well-practised mount.

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