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This is the ultimate power workout: Riding through water

It's almost a metre deep

Photo by: ciclismoadentro

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…and there’s this. Runners are known to jog in water, especially when they are injured, to avoid impact. And cyclists are known to swim…if they do triathlons. Actually swimming is a nice activity to do on a recovery day if you ride: Richie Porte swore by it when he raced.

If you’ve ridden in deep mud, or deep sand, you know how tough it is to slog through. Just ask Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel, who just raced some of the toughest ‘cross races these season at Koksijde and Zonhoven. Both courses have infamously long sections of sand where you have to grind your way through. Going down is no fun either as there are ruts and you have to put your butt all the way behind the saddle to avoid crashing.

The sandy descents at Zonhoven were amazingly hairy

Deep mud is tough as you need to crunch through in a big gear at low cadence and it’s a huge test of your power. Nothing could be worse! Unless you took all the soil out of the mud, and added a bunch of water. That’s basically what happened to these Malaysian cyclists on Dec. 26. When they were out riding they came across a flooded section which was completely unrideable. Well, for all but one of them.

Check out this awesome display of power as the rider pushes through the water which is almost up the handlebars. Chapeau!