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10 reasons why fall riding is awesome and you should be doing more of it

Because winter is coming

Mountain biker in autumn forest
Fall is the season when the leaves change colours, the scarves and layers come out, warm comforting cuisine is prepared by friends and family, and everyone dresses up for Halloween. It’s a wonderful season but many cyclists don’t fully reap the rewards of autumn riding. With less sunlight, busy school and work schedules people tend to be less active. It goes a long way to explaining why collectively people are at their leanest at the beginning of October and for the next couple of months we tend to put on weight. So here are ten reasons why cycling during the fall is awesome to get you motivated to do more of it.

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Mountainbiker rides in autumn forest
1) Vigorous exercise is good for the mind and when you’re busy it can be hard to take a break to get outdoors. A two-wheeled adventure is just what your mind and body need to de-stress liberating you from the confines of your desk, the office or the library which will surely do you a world of good.

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2) It may be colder and get darker sooner but it is an absolutely stunning time of year. The leaves are chaging,  the air is fresh and crisp, and the sunlight is gorgeous when it is low in the sky. Watching the seasons change is spectacular and there is no better way than to do it from the saddle of your bicycle.

Silhouette of a biker in autumn on a sunny afternoon
3) Lower light levels bring some people down and there is no better way to be uplifted by some vigorous exercise.  Cycling outdoors can help prevent the seasonal blues if they are starting to take hold.

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4) It’s a great time of year to explore some local trails. Trail networks see heavier use in the summer months so the perfect time to visit them on your mountain or cyclocross bike is during this beautiful and quieter time of year.

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Cyclocross over Tie
5) If you don’t ride trails it’s probably time you try it out. This can help you improve your bike handling skills if you are a roadie and switch things up from your usual tarmac rides. No harm dabbling in a cyclocross race or two while you are at it. Even if you don’t participate the atmosphere at races is always warm and welcoming. Remember, a lot of those groups you see doing weekly rides on their road bikes during the summer turn to the trails and their cross bikes later in the season.

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Cross-country cyclist drinking as he cycles in a forest
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6) Few things are more satisfying on the bike than battling the elements. The cold, the dark, the wet and the mud can all seem daunting but with a bright light, tights, a good jacket and some shoe covers a whole alternate world of cycling is opened up and it’s thrilling to discover.

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7) It’s a great time of year to start commuting by bike. You can’t fret arriving to your destination all sweaty with milder temperatures. Plus, you’ll avoid the crowded buses and metro cars where everyone is sharing their nasty germs.

Cross-country cyclist riding in mud, low angle back view cyclocross mud
8) You’ll make the habits that will see you stay leaner and fitter throughout the winter so there is less catching up to do come springtime.

Pumpkin pie with autumn leaf pastry design, above view on white wooden background
9) You can stop at an apple orchard, pumpkin patch or farm stand to pick up your favourite seasonal pie to devour and a fresh crisp apple to munch on mid ride.

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10) Bike friendly Halloween costumes.